Building the Grand Orgue

A few weeks ago I told you about the Ripole Design speaker called Grand Orgue. Together with my brother and my best friend, I started to build the cabinet.

My best friend drew the more complicated parts of the case in AutoCAD so they could be cut out with a CNC router. Most of the parts have circular cutouts that are not very difficult. The problem here is that they allow very little to no tolerance.

The speaker chassis is mounted in the large circular cutout. The magnet on the back is visible from the outside through the small circular cutout. The magnet closes exactly with that cutout. For this reason, the cuts must be as precise as possible.

I sent the finished drawings to my brother in Bavaria. Although he works in the IT industry like me, his professional roots are in woodworking – he is a learned carpenter. Unlike me, wood rather than music is part of his work-life balance. Therefore, he can call a CNC router his own.

With the help of the technical drawings, he was able to program the CNC router accordingly. He enjoyed this so much that he decided he wanted to build the speakers as well and made the wood directly a twofold.

Next I will buy the remaining wood blanks to assemble the cabinets of the Grand Orgue. After that I want to paint them in high gloss white before the electronics are finally installed. Stay tuned for more! ☺️

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