Problems with my amplifier

The last time I had a gig, I had some serious problems with my amplifier. It would turn off and on again at some point for no obvious reason.

I sent video evidence to the vendor and was told to open it up and check and correct the internal current at the transistors to 157 volts. There is a hidden potentiometer to do this. Mine was at 157.5 volts, which might explain why the protection circuit kicked in. I suspect it panicked due to the high voltage.

The problem is, if I set the potentiometer to 157 V right after the amplifier boots up, the voltage will eventually increase to at least 157.8 V by itself. If I set it back to 157 V, the voltage is too low during cold start up.

Unfortunately, this did not solve my problem. The amp still shuts off after a while, even when no load is connected. The vendor just sent me a replacement part for this potentiometer, which I will have to solder on by myself as soon as it arrives.

Time for more troubleshooting I guess.. 🙁

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